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Keramoblock 2NF – ecological and unexplored

Ceramic block is a new generation building material. In the wake of the “environmental boom”, the mass production of 2NF ceramic blocks began.

NF in our situation is a “normal format” 250x120x65 mm.

What are its differences?

It differs from ceramic bricks in that during firing, the pores inside form a very high voidness – 50-72% (this is good for decorative structures, easy to carry), and is 2.12 times larger than ordinary bricks.

The undoubted advantages of ceramics include the following:

✔ Environmental friendliness

✔ Durability

✔ Fire resistance (fire safety)

✔ Possessing a perfect notch for better adhesion of the product to the plaster layer

✔ Ease of processing (drilling, sawing, etc.)

✔ Resistant to temperature changes and corrosion

✔ Savings:

➯ cement consumption

➯ time

➯ cost of work

The breakdown of block 2 NF during transportation and unloading is only 1%, while ordinary brick of the M 100 / M 125 brand is subject to damage of 5 percent or more.

The cost of a ceramic block is not much higher than the price of an ordinary brick. And the benefits from it are much greater.

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