Masonry technology

When a person thinks about his project, he is faced with a bunch of questions: what materials are needed for the outer wall? And how to use materials correctly withoutresidue? Answers to these and many other questions are waiting for you! Just click on the picture, and if you have any questions, the contacts of […]

Types of facing bricks

Time is a valuable resource. Therefore, we want to take very little of your resourcesto help sort out ours. No need to spend hours looking for information – it’s all here. It’s better to devote time to business. Today about the types of facing bricks. Depending on the raw materials and production method, facing bricks […]

The last from the world of production

Keramoblock 2NF – ecological and unexplored Ceramic block is a new generation building material. In the wake of the “environmental boom”, the mass production of 2NF ceramic blocks began. NF in our situation is a “normal format” 250x120x65 mm. What are its differences? It differs from ceramic bricks in that during firing, the pores inside […]