“Bavarian masonry”

Brick “Bavarian masonry” – now the most desirable type of exterior wall cladding – is beautiful, high quality, original and that is why it is so popular. History has many examples of how a lack of production can turn into a discovery and take over half the world, and this is no exception…

 The term "Bavarian brick" or "Bavarian masonry" comes from Germany in the 16th - 17th centuries. At that time, due to lack of technology, firing bricks to the same color was impossible. There was a problem - bricks of different colors and different shades were supplied for construction. The buildings were striped, spotted, frosted, not at all monotonous. They tried to sort the bricks, which turned out to be quite long and expensive… The masons decided to randomly mix bricks of different colors and different shades, creating the invention "Bavarian masonry". Modern facing bricks for Bavarian masonry are already specially created in red and brown colors and their shades.

Thanks to the updated technologies, the whole world is now able to receive identical bricks of any color in unlimited quantities. But the Bavarian masonry has gained popularity not only in Germany, European countries, but also in Ukraine. Developers have the opportunity to create attractive, unusual and bright facades of buildings. In addition to facades, Bavarian masonry is widely used in the construction of fences, pillars and foundations of gazebos, barbecue areas or street kitchens. Chaos composed according to certain principles turns into a work of art!

Masonry “Bavarian masonry” – a special kind of artistic masonry facing bricks:

Adjacent bricks should differ in both color and shade.
It is not customary to repeat one pattern twice.
The accumulation of bricks of darker or lighter colors in one place (“spots”) contradicts the principle of Bavarian masonry. All shades should be about the same number!
The vertical seams must match across the line.
In the classic version of the “Bavarian masonry” allowed 4 shades in red-brown tones.
Up to 8-9 colors can be used, but this is more the exception than the rule.
Recommendations for selection for the correct “Bavarian masonry”:

Selection of bricks is done directly from the pallets, at least 4 – 5 alternately.
The direction of selection of “Bavarian brick” from the pallet: from corner to cent, from top to bottom.
When Bavarian masonry was invented, there were no “secrets” in the manufacture of bricks, as well as alternatives to get better. The manufacturer of high-quality bricks “Bavarian masonry” “PROKERAM” not only knows EVERYTHING about the latest technologies in the field of production of facing bricks, but also successfully patents and introduces its own. More than 10 years of coordinated work!

Prokeram plant is one of the largest producers of ceramic bricks in Ukraine!

Flash firing technology allows you to adjust the intensity of hydrocarbon formation, which allows you to get bricks of the right colors and shades. TM “Prokeram” presents a full palette of bricks “Bavarian masonry” in both lighter and darker colors and shades.

Production facilities are located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, amounting to about 25,000,000 units / year.

Prokeram’s own production technologies provide the highest quality of finished facing bricks.

Mining is carried out in our own environmentally friendly quarry! Dyes are not used!

Brick from TM “Prokeram” is created for those who know exactly what the future should look like!

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