Knowledge base

Our experience and knowledge are answers on those 3 questions: why, what and how?

Why brick production?

Many people think about the future, and we are building it. Contribution to a great cause inspires each of us.

Therefore, at interviews, the first thing we ask the candidate is not what he managed to do, but what he wants to do. This is how our and your dreams can come true.

What kinds of bricks are priority for our company?

We specialize in high-quality masonry, as well as 3 types of decorative products: facing, half and shaped bricks.

We have placed the best-selling bricks in the “TOP-4” block. There you will also find video reviews on them.

How do we provide feedback?

In the 21st century, without technology, nowhere. Therefore, we decided to touch upon media resources.

Promotions and further cooperation are waiting for you on our Instagram and Facebook.

Materials in cards

The days of paper brochures are a thing of the past. Our e-brochures are not lost and are updated automatically

Prokeram on video

A guide to the world of bricks from renowned architects and craftsmen

Let's build the future together

They say that for life you need to build 3 things: a family, a career and a home. We will help you with this, because we take over the house. Your time is your opportunity to become a professional in your field. Prokeram is a professional in brick making. And we want to spend our time on work, not yours