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Common bricks

Common bricks are a basic material of any construction because it is used in pillars’ building, columns’ building, walls’ building (load-bearing walls), archs building, foundation building. There are many special quality requests to the common bricks because of heavy loads on constructions of these bricks, it is necessary to keep all of them because building’s condition and people’s security and comfort depends on it.

Common bricks may have difference in characteristics such as density, freeze thaw resistance, sizes and inside hollows. Every material has its’ features and main use, it’s better to know it.

We offer you high-quality Prokeram common bricks it satisfies all necessary requests so your building will be solid and secure. The constructions of that building material will be secure for sure.

We wish you a good luck in your construction we hope that soon you will be succeeded. May be construction results will be much more better than your building plan. We hope you will get everything that you have planned. Build your plans with us.

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