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Reinforced common bricks

Reinforced common bricks occupy a prominent place in the bricks classification – it is a good construction material which is used in socle building, foundation building, load-bearing walls building (basement building). It also used in construction of another architectural forms like smokestacks, fireplaces also columns, pillars and furnaces.

Reinforced common bricks are very solid, characteristics won’t change in a low thermal conditions, it has optimal thermal conductivity and water absorption.

All these characteristics are very important for the bricks and reinforced common bricks have it, so it’s an example of great building material, which has everything that is needed.

We offer you the high-quality reinforced common bricks. Prokeram bricks satisfy all requests.

Construction works are very hard, it takes time and money but it’s worth it for sure. We hope that our bricks will be useful for your construction.

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