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Split bricks

It may be that building plan includes different uncommon building structures. Setting and facing of such construction elements is possible only with the use of bricks that has different forms and features.

In that case split bricks will be perfect because it is possible to fill the gaps by these bricks.

Split bricks are used also in ornamental facing when it needs bricks of the different forms and sizes.

Split bricks could be set when it is impossible to use common bricks and it’s the main advantage of these bricks. Split bricks have become so popular thanks to these features and now it is an irreplaceable construction material. You can place an order on our site and get the split bricks. Don’t worry about a quality of our products, we keep all necessary technological procedures and that’s why our split bricks satisfy all requests.

We wish you a full practical realization of building plan, of design project and hope you will construct very solid building. Contact us, we will be glad to help you with the split bricks for construction.

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