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Fashioned bricks

Fashioned brick – it is a type of construction material which is used in the arc-wise buildings’ elements like archs. Due to these features it is also called figured brick. At the moment fashioned bricks and ornamental bricks have different forms and structures.

If there are some special structures in the architectural design then figured bricks will be suitable for the practical realization of planned element’s form when the plan is furnished.

Figured bricks are used in construction of segmental and circular doors also it is used in windows construction.

So fashioned bricks are the alternate building material for the construction of arc-wise and circle elements of the buildings. Thanks to this exceptional feature fashioned bricks have become so popular. Without a doubt figured bricks can be widely used.

We offer you high-quality fashioned bricks to make your interesting architectural ideas come alive. We wish you good luck in your construction. Build your plans with us and you will be succeeded.

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